Lila Downs: Swinging Machetazos With ‘The Demagogue’

Already, more than 22 million Americans have cast early ballots. For many of them, this is their first election, including for singer Lila Downs. She is Mexican American with roots in both Minnesota and the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, her birthplace.

Lila Downs at BBC

Look this interview of Lila ein Newshour for the BBC:

Q&A Singer Lila Downs on death, chocolate and a new album

It is hard to put the music of Lila Downs into a single category. The Mexican-born singer could fit solidly in the world of folk — frequently singing classic tunes such as “Paloma Negra” (“Black Dove”), an old ballad that dwells on the pain of lost love. But she records original compositions, too: … Read More